Last Week’s Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret: Wild!

NYC's Dance Music Comedy Art Show

Twas kinda like: If the East Village were transplanted in Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach! That was the mood at last week’s show.

Thanks go to:

Performers: Lounge crooner Khalid, comedian Eitan Levine (“Shark Tank” and that lawyer advert: hysterical!), simply beautifully-tuned Jacqueline Hackett, splendid Choreo duo Hannah & Ellie (respectively, dancers Hannah Sandhu and Ellie Lehman), and tormented Gregor of Berlin* who finally figured out the “Knife-Juggling Trick.”

(See VIDEO and PICS on the Rat’s IG


Rat staff and Venue crew: Stage manager extraordinaire (seriously, extraordinaire) Jennifer Malbuisson, booth tech maximus Chris O’Neil; charming barwoman and house manager Diana Van Decker Byrne and door-guard/ticket monitor Michel Francoeur.

Host-on-Fire Jillian Thomas, energetic, skilled and tres bonne!

My co-producer and scale-balance, Rob Dub (you were r… r… RIGHT. Satisfied?!).

Special thanks once more to Erez Ziv and everyone at FRIGID NY (nee Horse Trade Theater Group), who do more than you know to keep great indie art and entertinment like the Rat alive in NYC.

NYC's Dance Music Comedy Art Show

And as always, Thank YOU ALL for packing Under St. Marks Theater and loving live performing arts! You were a pleasure to play for.

NEXT SHOW: the next Second Saturday, Feb. 8, 10:30pm, feat. dancers McKenzie Dreher and Leesah Liquidsteel!!

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* (disclaimer: “Gregor” is played by this writer, Co-Producer Gregory Levine)

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