What a Show! (Last Saturday at Ten-Foot Rat)

Backstage at Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret: Waiting to go on…

All-too-brief thanks for a TERRIFIC show last weekend! We’re talking about “NYC’s Dance Music Comedy Art Show: Live on Oct 12!

Thanks to phenomenal performers Jackson SturkeyCherie Danielle, Bill Chambers (and myself as “Umlaut Sketch”), Destiny DunkleElizabeth Bitsy Bays.

Rat crew: Jennifer Malbuisson and Chris O’Neil.

Venue staff Diana Van Decker Byrne and Genevieve Christine Yosco.

Uber-Host Jillian Thomas

Co-producers Gregory Levine and Rob Dub *

Special thanks to Erez Ziv and everyone at FRIGID New York / Horse Trade Theater Group.

And thanks to YOU, the public, the Audience, who loved the show and packed the house – and sorry to the people we had to turn away! (RESERVE those tickets here)

See you on the next Second Saturday: Nov. 9, 10:30pm!

–> For Complete Cast pics and show videos, see our Instagram: @tenfootrat 

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