NYC Blackout Didn’t Stop the Show!

[Originally Published July 14]

Midtown Blackout, MTA paralyzed* yet we pulled off a great Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret: NYC’s Dance Music Comedy Art Show last night!

Thanks, Performers:
Samantha Echo opened the show singing “Nick’s Mom,” a catchy heartache from her new EP, and a gorgeous rendition of operatic aria “O mio babbino caro.”
Then came the hilarious Elyse DeLucci, the epitome of salty Tri-State Area humorists.
Character Gregor of Berlin** shared a bizarre “3 Men Walk Into a Bar” gag taking place in Warsaw, Poland, full of historical and psychopathological humor; plus, a gratuitous “Game of Thrones” metaphor that killed!
Leesah Liquidsteel brought unusual highly physical avant-garde Performance Art Multimedia Dance as character “a little worry wart.”
Bill Chambers got darker and darker and funnier and funnier as “Henry Rollins,” spiralling downward while reading excerpts from his “Childrens’ Joke Book.”
And Samantha brought it all home, closing the show with her triumphant solo from Les Miserables, “On My Own.”

Thanks, Venue Staff and Rat Crew:
Greg working the door and the tickets, which was quite tricky on such a night. Debby Bell at the bar and minding the theater, and helping out all around. Chris O’Neil working through many tricky technical challenges (Civilians, you have no idea how complex a theatrical show like this can get). And of course, Jennifer Malbuisson, Stage Manager nonpareil – mon Dieu, merci beaucoup!!

Thanks, Host-of-all-Hosts:
Jillian Thomas, I can’t believe how well you keep the energy going and the crowd entertained — even while we’re swapping out sound cables mid-show!

Thanks, Co-Producer:
Rob Dub, yang to my yin, with the snap-decision capability and calmth — July Requiescat. (Also, it *did* make sense for her to annihilate everyone in a senseless rage, even if there should’ve been more complete character development.)

Special Thanks to Erez Ziv and everyone at FRIGID New York (nee Horse Trade Theater Group) for all you do for New York City’s unique arts and independent entertainments. Go see a Frigid New York production and support live shows!

Speaking of which…

The BIGGEST THANKS go to YOU, the folks who trooped out on a hot, crazy night, laughed at the train delays and the blown-out Con Ed transformer, and had a GREAT time at a real, live slice of East Village basement nightlife!

See you at the next Second Saturday, the next Ten-Foot Rat:
Aug. 10 at 10:30pm!
(Reserve Tickets:

Congratulations to Raffle winner Kim Morasse! See you in August!

* due to blackout, we were one performer down.
** “Gregor of Berlin” is this writer. But everyone’s praise for me sounded genuine.

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