Last Night’s Show: Thanks, Everyone!

Oh, that Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret last night! We had to turn away standbys. And those who got in saw a terrific show. A “Thank You” note to everyone who showed that professionalism, perspective and rational ego are just as important as talent in show business – and MAN do they have talent!

April’s Performers: the celestial songbird Julie Lauren Stevens Kosnik was in wonderful form; the hilarious Veronica Garza (MVP co-nomination for smoothest to work with – Book her!); the ever-exciting and magnetic dancer Scarlett Cerise (Joint MVP award: she hopped from show to show yet gave the Rat every bit as much as her other engagements!); the hypnotic tale-telling of Bill Chambers (love your niece’s jacket patch!); the warm-beautiful-soul Brazilian Classical guitar work of Thalys Peterson (Come back soon! very glad we met!); that Gregor of Berlin character** was apparently very funny and bizarre with his memoir of coffee, childhood and German prostitutes; and Scott Benjamin‘s Absurdist “Magic Depressive” act was a very funny captivating show in itself!

Rat crew and Under St. Marks venue* staff: Carter O’brien Ford in the tech booth, handling it all like a pro goalie as usual; Jennifer Malbuisson, our Stage-House Manager Extraordinaire, whose praises simply cannot be sung loudly enough (like a meadowlark!); Diana Van Decker Byrne at the bar, plying the public and tending ceaselessly to the physical space – lovely as always!; and Tess Henry at the door and helping keep the business side balanced – thanks!

Host Maximus Jillian Thomas, fortunately finally on the mend, was in great voice! Really funny, fantastic energy, rolling with many bumps – thanks and keep on truckin’, dahling.

My Ratrepreneur co-producer, Rob Dub: we shall commence that sub rosa campaign immediately! That’s the real reason I’m heading out there.

Special mention to Erez Ziv and the whole ragtag batallion at Frigid NY (nee Horse Trade Theater): thank you for all the countless things you do to maintain and nurture great independent art, theater and entertainment like our show.

And, of course, thank YOU – the AUDIENCE. We had a SELLOUT house of people from around the country and around the world, and YOU were great to play with and play for. THANKS!

And to Standbys we had to turn away: Reserve May Tickets Now!

See you at the next Second Saturday, May 11th, 10:30pm!


** disclaimer: that’s me

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