What a Beautiful Beast: Ten-Foot Rat Last Weekend

NYC's Dance Music Comedy Art Show Live

Sometimes a GREAT show takes 24 hours to recover from. Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret this past Saturday Dec. 8 was such a show! Musicians, instruments, costumes, props, comedy of all types, Mime Burlesque(!), multiple keyboards, singers, dancers, Xmas story, funk-soul rock and Broadway belting – an Insane Wonder!

Let us give thanks to all who made this great beast work:

Performers, in order of appearance: SisterMonk (Kathy DeaneTani TilsnerJody OzomakiIna Taurus), Pamela Wess aka Madame Bouge, Gregor of Berlin* , members of Guilty Pleasures Cabaret (Bridget BoseKayla RadomskiAnnie Ester), Bill ChambersJulie A Feltman and pianist Angelo, sketch troupe Thank You For Your Cervix (Alison WienCase WatsonDani Elizabeth Letsche).
* this writer’s (alter) ego

Uber-Host Jillian Thomas, who went above and beyond – working raucously with a calf in a cast, no less!

Rat staff/crew who did a superhuman job: Booth and house tech Carter O’brien Ford, balancing hardware and software and aesthetics like a madman. Stage/House Manager Jennifer Malbuisson, who could probably organize the D-Day Invasion (and we wouldnt have had any lost paratroopers – they’d all be in “Places”). Diana Van Decker Byrne tending the bar and gracefully maintaining the theater space; and Tess Henry running the door and helping out in a zillion other little ways.

Natch, my co-producer of 5-plus years, Rob Dub: Plan 9 worked! Let’s see how Plan 10 goes!!!

Special thanks to Erez Ziv and everyone at FRIGID New York nee Horse Trade Theater Group, for all they do to keep alive and kickin’ unique independent art and theatrical entertainment like the Rat.

And as always: Youse, you-all, ustedes, the AUDIENCE, who bundled up, lined up, packed (PACKED!) a Sold-Out house – and loved what you saw and heard! Thank you for an amazing 2018. See you at the next Ten-Foot Rat on Saturday, Jan. 12, 10:30pm.

Don’t Get Turned AwayReserve $10 Tickets Here

– P.S.: congratulations to Molly Hawes, raffle winner of two (2) free tickets to next month’s show!


Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret – NYC’s Dance Music Comedy Art Show
at Under St. Marks Theater
94 St. Marks Pl. (8th St.) bet. 1st Ave. and Ave. A

Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019 – 10:30pm
TICKETS – Reserve Online or buy at the Door


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Great example of what a variety show can be!
– Opplaud.com

Very fun stuff. That’s what you can expect from Ten Foot Rat Cabaret. ” – ApplauseApplause


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