Tip: Go See Jackson Sturkey and His Orchestra on Nov. 28!


Didja catch Jackson Sturkey at the Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret‘s big 5th Anniversary Show? Then you already know he’s a wonderful talent, a fantastically eccentric melange of demi-monde stardom: nostalgic and subversive, flirty and melancholy, bawdy and bohemian.

And Jackson has his own monthly show at Under St. Marks Theater,* gathering artists with a signature Lower East Side aesthetic to sing, perform Tableau Vivants, and celebrate life in the face of storms.

Of “Jackson Sturkey and His Orchestra,” Jackson sayeth: “It’s the most fun you can have without breaking the law, darlings.”

Plus: It’s at 6:30pm, “so you can indulge in a little of this and still have time for a little of that.” (And there’s a bar: serving craft beers, wine, cider.)

The 4th Wed. of every month. Next Show: Wed. Nov. 28, 6:30pm / Doors open 6pm. $12. Getcha tickets here.

*Under St. Marks Theater –
94 St. Marks Pl.,
bet. 1st Ave. and Ave. A

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