The Rat’s Bill Chambers IS David Lee Roth!

Loyal Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret fans have seen the Rat’s Artist-in-Residence Bill Chambers incarnate a bizarre roster of other humans, including the Many Ages of Neil Diamond (both young wholesome-hippie rocker and mature Establishment nightclub versions), Henry Rollins and a certain Garden State musician named “Bryce Sproongstein.” Now he becomes the latter-day Liberace: the rock ‘n roll showman called David Lee Roth. 

See Bill’s insane take on DLR amid the “supergroup” Ben Halen – more performance art/comedy than cover band (though Bill has personally assured us the instrumentals are awesome).

Three shows:

Thurs Oct. 25, 8:30pm at Gutter Bar in Brooklyn.

Sat. Oct. 27, 8pm at Sunnyvale – 1031 Grand St., Bklyn

Halloween Night: Pet Shop in Jersey City

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