The Rat’s 6th Year Off to a Great Start!

Hurrah! Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret‘s 6th year is off to a great start! This past Saturday (Oct 13) was the Psycho Celebrity Halloween edition, and it was killer.

Thanks go firstly to our knockout performers:

Annie Ester and Vinnie Ester starting us off with a little “Natural Woman” — those soaring vocals and keys.

Leila Ben-Abdallah, whipping through a whirlwind of hilarious characters.

Tabby Twitch (aka actor Jane Cortney), with a glittering yet truly bizarre burlesque tribute to Blanche DuBois(!).

Bill Chambers, with a hilarious, grotesque and oddly poignant story of, umm, getting kicked in the jewels, and the healing journey.

Christine Aziz and Leeran, another vocal-piano teamup, but THIS time an on-point and ridiculously funny medley of Broadway-cabaret goddesses, from Celine Dion to Ethel Merman (!) – truly, no business like show business!

Bridget Bose (a founder of dance troupe GPC, below), struck everyone in the heart and soul with a brave, dark solo dance rumination on the all-too-current symbolism of Suffragettes.

Brittany Lee McDonald (of Amazon’s “Mr. Robot“) with a truly insane, unique, hilarious performance-art comedy impression of Carol Channing (stalking and threatening Barbra Streisand!).

Dancers* of Guilty Pleasures Cabaret (GPC) in their “freakum dresses” pulling off a sequined-fishnetted-booted SEVEN-person roof-ripping synchro choreo number.

Apparently Gregor of Berlin** was pretty darn funny, telling a spooky “German” Halloween story of childhood, marzipan and serial-killer cannibals in sunny Dusseldorf.

And Vinnie and Annie brought it all home with a gigantic sound, big Big Belting!

And of course, host extraordinnaire Jillian Thomas, who was raucously delightful throughout!

Big dankes to the staff and crew: Carter O’brien Ford in the tech booth, with a myriad of looks and sounds to balance and connections to make. Thanks and Welcome Aboard to Jennifer Malbuisson, a truly professional stage manager, who has accepted a role as our permanent SM! Thanks as always to the splendid Diana Van Decker Byrne at the bar, slaking thirsts (and dealing very subtly with certain members of the public… I noticed and thank you, my dear!). Tess Henry of Frigid NY/HT (see below) , working the door and easing things along.

Mr. Mike Tapp running the video camera, smartly as well as unobstrusively – thanks!

A tip o’ the derby as always to my co-producer Rob Dub, with among other attributes spot snap decisions that are absolutely indispensible. Les jeux sont faits!

Special thanks go out to Erez Ziv and everyone at the aforementioned Frigid New York / Horse Trade Theater Group, who do so much to keep independent theater, art and entertainment like Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret alive and thriving in NYC. Mille grazie!

And last but never least, to everyone who came out and SOLD OUT the house, packing Under St Marks Theatre, watching, listening, responding, hooting, laughing, gasping, roaring and loving the show: THANK YOU ALL.

See everyone next time, next Rat on the next Second Saturday: Nov. 10, 10:30pm!

* GPC dancers who performed include: Kayla RadomskiErika Odegard, Bridget Bose, Moira SaxenaYuenHo CheungJuliette Nieves

**disclaimer: “Gregor” played by yours truly, Gregory Levine

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