The Line Stretched Down the Block! (5th Anniversary Show)

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The line stretched down the block! For the 5th Anniversary Show of the Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret on Sept. 8th!  A Sold-Out house.
And what a show it was.

What performances!
Thanks to Julie A Feltman and pianist Angelo, rippin’ off the roof and breaking us up with her take on Madeline Kahn, Broadway and wild improvised show tunes — hilarious patter and great pipes!

Subhah Agarwal, now a writer at The Jim Jeffries Show, whose standup killed! Thanks for coming back to us!

Members of the Guilty Pleasures Cabaret (tonight featured Kayla RadomskiMelissa BuriakAndrea Elizabeth Palesh), who dazzled us with a gorgeous Fan Dance to “All of Me,” and a stylized, funny, saucy Palm Beach aesthetic to “Cake by the Ocean.”

Bill Chambers, whose onstage transformation (both verbal and costumery) into his suave Hollywood “Older Gentleman” character (think Robert Wagner meets Robert Evans) was hysterically bizarre.

Miss Scarlett Cerise gave us burlesque performance art infused with her modern-dance physical control — and a weird use of body paint that was somehow both disturbing and erotic!

The master, Ike (also known to FB as Ikechukwu Ufomadu) was – as always – clever, witty, sly, subtle, funny and every other synonym you can think of.  (No wonder VICE and IFC Network air his “Word with Ike” bits! No wonder The Public Theater gives him show runs!)

House character “Gregor of Berlin” was apparently very funny and strange as well, giving a behind-the-scenes look at the “evil secrets” behind the Rat’s founding, and offering a dark artistic breakdown of the Brady Bunch song, “Sunshine Day.”

Finally, the unique theatricality of charismatic cabaret songbird Jackson Sturkey finished the show, at turns funny, heartbreaking, triumphant — and brought down the house.

Host Jillian Thomas was in fine form, revelling in her role as Queen of the Rat, offering some (real) details of the last five years. Feelings! Uccch!

What a crew!
Jennifer Malbuisson, Stage Manager, brings her own professional theater experience to the role; she did an awful lot helping organize the magnificent chaos that is a high-production sold-out variety cabaret.
In his debut with the Rat, welcome new tech Carter O’brien Ford, balancing tons of tasks; Carter gets an MVP award for trouble-shooting a certain massive technical challenge, pre-show.
House manager Tess Henry running the door and helping with the Frigid NY/Horse Trade Theater* organization calculations. (Ticket Sell-out issues are good issues to have, but still have to be solved — in real-time!)
Diana Van Decker Byrne, charming and capable as always, running the bar — who spent part of her wedding anniversary with us at the Rat!! (Happy Anniversary!)

My co-producer Rob Dub:
1. Happy V ! 2. I’m very glad you heckled that Canadian all those years ago! 3. I’m glad the other Robs in the other dimensions weren’t the ones who came to this dimension. Or are you one of THEM? (Yes, these are all inside jokes with my co-producer.)

*Special thanks go to Erez Ziv and everyone at FRIGID New York aka Horse Trade Theater Group, who do more than you can imagine to keep shows and theater like Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret alive in NYC. Go to the FB page or website, support them, and go see a Frigid NY show!

OH: Congrats to 3 lucky audience members, who won free tickets to next month’s Rat!

Last but Most: merci, danke Schoen, Thanks to YOU: the Audience, who lined up down St. Marks Place, who filled the seats; who laughed, cheered and roared; who came out to watch a great night of Live Entertainment and Art – THANK YOU for five (5) amazing years.

See you Sat., Oct 13, 10:30pm!


The Event on Facebook: Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret: 5th Anniversary Show!

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