Sold-Out Show! …and It Was Great.


We had to turn people away — it was a SOLD-OUT SHOW, and it was a GREAT one! Talking about Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret last Saturday night, Aug. 11. All-too-brief thanks to everyone involved:

Our brilliant performers: Mike Milazzo, rocking with that encore; Calvin S. Cato, hilarious and delightful as always; members of Guilty Pleasures Cabaret (this particular show featured Andrea Elizabeth PaleshMelissa Buriak and the elusive Camille), Lady Van TrampBill Chambers (as Neil Diamond as Jello Biafra… if you missed it, don’t ask, I can’t explain properly), and that Gregor of Berlin fella.

Rat Crew and Horse Trade Staff: Matthew WJ Mitchell rolling with the flow in the tech booth, Jennifer Malbuisson stepping in as Stage/House Manager: splendid! Diana Van Decker Byrne at the bar, Tess Henry at the door.

Host-with-the-most Jillian Thomas, terrific once again.

My co-producer Rob Dub.

Special thanks to Erez ZivDebby Bell holding down the fort in the office, and everyone else at Horse Trade Theater Group/Frigid NY.

And to our incredible AUDIENCE! Thank you, friends, new friends, total strangers, East Village neighbors, TDF subscribers, et cetera: for coming out, packing a black box theater, and loving some great art-entertainment.

See you all next month, Saturday Sept. 8, 10:30pm: the Rat’s FIVE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW!
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