What a Show! (The Rat Recap)

Rat-Poster-USM-1030-10DollarsWhat a terrific Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret it was! Talking about the Sat. Jan. 13 edition. It started with some bumps but we sailed though smoothly. Thanks so much to our top-notch performers: beautiful rocking LTrain (Gabriel Castellar and Crystalla Gonzalez) – you guys have evolved to an even better level than last time! The same goes for the ever-hysterical Nat Towsen (Nosferatu! Of course! The Max Schreck, not the Klaus Kinski, ja?). And Michael Delisle – so funny. I KNEW I had to book you; and you psychically precognitived it, didn’t you? Bill Chambers, thanks again for our newly-revivified sketch partnership (but I DO wish you’d put the daggers back where you found them). (Thanks also to Dan Ricker for playing the laugh-track board! And Rob for programming the software). And of course, excellence from the Fishnet Follies*,  with a special congrats to Kayla Radomski and Melissa Buriak for their captainship of the dancers.

Thanks to our deft crew: William Glenn, scrambling and juggling and handling sound and light (and a second mention of Dan R for indispensible tech help), Julia Philina for jumping in last-minute as Stage Manager. The lovely Diana Van Decker Byrne in the Bar, and Carter managing the door — in icy temperatures.

Thanks as always to our mistress of ceremonies, Jillian Thomas, hysterical and energizing all the way through!

And of course, my co-producer, Rob Dub: we pulled it off — again!

Special thanks go to Erez Ziv and everyone at Horse Trade Theater Group, for all they do to keep unique entertainments and art like ours alive in NYC. (Plug: HT’s annual FRIGID New York Theater Festival is coming up next month. Go see some original, crazy and often brilliant indie theater at the Frigid!)

BUT the biggest thanks go to you, yes, YOU, the viewing public, you beautiful maniacs, who came out on a freezing Saturday night (25-degree drop in 24 hours!) to watch a great live show. Strangers, old friends, new friends, you packed the house, loved the show and we love you right back!

See you at the next Rat: Sat. Feb. 10, 10:30pm!!! THANK YOU!!!

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