Great Show Last Weekend – Best Ever??

FullHouse-Dec2017A GREAT show last night – maybe our best one ever. And we SOLD OUT the house! (On such an icy night, no less!) I’m talking about Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret, which fired on all pistons Saturday night.

Thanks first to our phenomenal performers: musical genius Shayfer James (who was with us in the Rat’s very Debut Show in Sept. 2013), hilarious “SantaCon Bro” Melissa Aquiles, the high-kickin’ dancin’ Fishnet Follies*, who bring the show so hard, smartly horrifyingly hilarious Noam Osband, brilliant pseudo-klutz “Anti-Burlesque” clown Pamela Wess. Each different, each amazing, each gigantically entertaining! (People tell me Gregor of Berlin was in the best form they’ve ever seen “him.” So, fairly delighted with Rudolf der Rotschnauz Reindeer story too.)

Thanks to our incredible crew: William Glenn** in the sound and light booth (and assembling and testing all the equipments), Clay West, on 100 levels the finest stage manager one could imagine — irreplaceable. And Carter O’brien Ford braving the elements working the door.

Hostess-with-mostess Jillian Thomas was in great form! Thank you, lady! Much hearts!

Co-producer Rob Dub: we did it, baby! Those WEREN’T bad omens! Who knew??

Special thanks to Erez Ziv and everyone at Horse Trade Theater Group, for all they do with us and for us, and for all they do keeping great art and unique entertainment alive in NYC. Check out their site and go see a Horse Trade/Frigid NYC (theater festival) show.

But – AND – the biggest thanks go to YOU, the audience, who said fongool to the cruel December elements and came out to see a live show. Your names were Mike and Hassan and Jordon and Chris, Maggie and Trish, and a myriad more, and you were wonderful to perform for and to meet afterward. Thank you!

We’re at Under St Marks the Second Saturday of every month.
SEE YOU ON JAN 13, 10:30PM.

*Fishnet Follies appear courtesy of Guilty Pleasures Cabaret ensemble.

**Wishing Will break legs and bocca lupo as he heads down to run the Tampa Fringe Festival!

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