What a Show It Was! (Nov. 11, 2017)

Rat-BalloonSignThe Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret SWUNG this Saturday, baby! After negotiating some tricky twists (i.e., previous users of the theater Under St Marks, who loitered on stage, were obliviously uncooperative when their show was done and the Rat’s load-in time began, and left a tech mess for us to straighten out, thus causing a later start), we pulled off a terrific show. And this with Yours Truly flying solo, both as producer and host!

Thanks first to our performers: Julie Lauren Stevens Kosnik (your singing STUNNED people, darlin’!), Boris Khaykin (funny as hell, and what a way to pick up and play with what came before), Bill Chambers as “Henry Rollins” (reading excerpts from his children’s book!!) had people laughing so hard tears ran — tears!. The 29th Street Revue was bizarrely funny creating their live-time musical theater. The Fishnet Follies* (Andrea Elizabeth PaleshKatarina LottAshley Rose) danced and slew like stilettos! And I’m told I was both funny and pro-smooth hosting as Rocco the WitSec Entertainer.

Thanks next to our own diligent Rat crew and Horse Trade Theater Group staff: William Glenn in the sound/light booth, rolling with plenty of punches on a very tight timeframe. Stage Manager-par-excellence Clay West, always cool-headed and multi-tasking for real — you’re the best. Helen Blash slaking thirsts in the bar, and Carter at the door — and voluntarily doing double-duty helping with tech. Thanks!

Thanks to Lucia Mueller for filming it! Can’t wait to see the record!

Thanks to Erez Ziv and everyone at Horse Trade Theater Group / Frigid NY, who have the Rat’s back, and who do more than you’ll ever know to keep independent art, performing arts and theater alive in NYC! Go see a show at HT’s theaters: UNDER St. Mark’s Theatre and Kraine Theater.

And as always: Thanks most of all to YOUSE GUYS: all of you who came out to see, hear, applaud and enjoy and be a part of Live Nightlife Arts and Entertainment! We couldn’t do it without you. Grazie e buona sera!

See you next month on Sat. Dec. 9, 10:30pm, when Jillian Thomas returns as host!


*(Follies cast members rotate monthly. See them as part of Guilty Pleasures Cabaret twice monthly.)

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