Twas a Hell of a Holiday Show!

Thank You to everyone who took part in Wednesday’s Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret Holiday Show! (Wed. Dec 7 – 9:30p) .
Performers: Samantha Echo (gorgeous music!), Eric Kirchberger (Hysterical! and thanks for jumping in on short notice!), Delilah (splendid!), Bill Chambers (so sharp and witty!) with Dan Ricker (ibid! redux!), Adrian Sexton and Jason Specland (cannot wait for your longer show of “Drinks with George and Martha”), and I must humbly mention Gregor of Berlin (the German version of Rudolf Rednose was excellent, frankly).
Crew and staff: William Glenn in the booth, stage manager extraordinaire Clay West, Salli in the bar, newer HT employee Sarah (surname?) at the door, Debby Bell purveying the treats and minding the safety. Jillian Thomas excelled as host!
Naturalmente, my co-producer, Rob Dub.
Special thanks to Erez Ziv and everyone at Horse Trade Theater Group, who do more than we’ll probably ever know to keep independent theater and unique entertainments alive in NYC.
And of course, YOU, the friends, family and strangers who came out (and the beloved agoraphobes and psychopaths who stayed in and viewed the Live Stream) to watch and enjoy live performing arts! THANK YOU! Hope your holidays are swell, and we’ll see you at the next Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret on WED. JAN. 4!

(photos courtesy of Jim Flynn)

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