Thurs May 31: The Rats Invade the PIT!

That’s right: Talent from Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret will be movin’ on up – from St. Marks Place to 24th Street and the PIT Theater, to appear in Rocco’s Witness Protection Revue!

Comedian Jillian Thomas* and dancer/performance-artist Andrea Palesh will join “Rocco” ** in a fun fast wild showcase of music, characters, musical theater and more!

Thursday, May 31, 10pm
The PIT (People’s Improv Theater)
123 E. 24th St. (bet. Park & Lex)
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GORGEOUS GUITAR and Singing by Hayden Stearns

HIPHOP VAUDEVILLE — amazing deep hybrid art with ensemble Rebirth of Rabbits Foot (led by Jordon Waters, and featuring cast members Austin BowenMally Reber and Fred Collier)

INSANE MUSICAL THEATER by the Professional Singers and Broadway Types of “Sally Tomato” * (Ringleader David Bell, with William Goulet KeanAnne SchroederTiffany Springle.  LIVE PIANO accompaniment by Dan Reitz.)

Just Gravy! —-> Starring Hannah CassiusBrian RosenblattTJ RegnoNick CohenPatrick McCartyGabby Brown

* The Rat’s regular host
** played by Gregory Levine, known to you as Gregor of Berlin

June 9 at 10:30PM: NYC’s Dance Music Comedy Art Show


Now in its 5th Year, Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret features an “inspired,” curated monthly roster of thrilling music, smart comedy, amazing dance, clever storytelling, sexy burlesque, art and theatrical vaudeville spectacle. A great show in a legendary East Village venue: a NYC night out like no other! (READ REVIEW)

Saturday June 9, 10:30pm Show Features –

Audience favorite SHESHE DANCE (aka Azusa) always captures the room with her rip-roaring vocals and big big heart. Witness why this wonderful song stylist won over the famously tough Showtime at The Apollo — TWICE!

Aka Pamela Wess (star of cult fave “Clown Porn” and co-host of the The ORIGINAL NYC Talent Show), a superb scary sexy hilarious performance-art burlesque parody who just may destroy something — because she carries a horse-whip!

Katie Hartman, fresh off a major role in the Netflix comedy The Week Of (playing opposite Adam Sandler and Chris Rock!!!), has killed it in cult-favorite comedy Gypsy Danger and Skinny B*tch Jesus Meeting. And the Rat has her on June 9th!

Moulin Rouge-style dazzle, costumery, Tap, Frug, “circus” contortion, and acclaimed Light Show! The Fishnet Follies, a boutique team created specially for the Rat, are members of the acclaimed Guilty Pleasures Cabaret dance troupe. See why they wowed Feinstein’s/54 Below and resorts from Belize to Dubai to China!

The legendary Killy Dwyer (host, Radio Free Brooklyn) is a singer, songwriter, mosher, digital artist and performer like you’ve never seen! Learn why Jerry Stiller said, “Kid, that Lady Gaga’s got nothin’ on you!” when she was a Finalist in the annual Andy Kaufman Awards!

Michele Carlo (creator of “Fish Out of Agua” and acclaimed solo show “There Goes the Neighbrhood”) is the self-proclaimed “redhead with 8,000,000 stories about New York City—perhaps one of them is about *you*…” We’re looking forward to getting lost in her words.

In his Rat debut, meet Hayden T. Stearns! A terrific compelling musician, singing from the heart (a cliche, yes, but you’ll see) — and carving out a niche all his own in NYC.

Gregor of Berlin (aka Gregory Levine) – suave, sinister, sarcastic, appearing “by contractual obligation,” the Fatherland’s favorite entertainer will regale you with horrid tales of Berlinner childhood, decadence, morphine, prostitution, and of course, show biz. (Seen at Feinstein’s/54 Below, APAP showcases at the Duplex, Capital Fringe, Frigid Festival, Travel Channel and in the Guinness World Records).

HOSTED by Stand Up Comic/Storyteller, Canadian Import Jillian Thomas (MTV Live, The Toronto Show, The Buzz, Listen Missy, & Much Music’s Love Court). Not to mention the annual East Village Oscar Awards Party, and Canada’s longest-running cannabis-cafe comedy-club show!

produced by Rob Dub and Gregory Levine

~Beer, Wine, Japanese Sake and Hard Cider Sold in Theater~
(Age 17+ or accompanied by Guardian to Attend Show / 21+ with ID to Drink)

Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret
at Under St. Marks Theater
94 St. Marks Pl. (8th St.) bet. 1st Ave. and Ave. A

Saturday, June 9, 2018 – 10:30pm
$10  (Discounts if you qualify. Contact us.)

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Special Thanks to Horse Trade Theater Group

What a Show That Was! (Sat. May 12)


Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret: NYC’s Dance Music Comedy Art Show on Saturday night: Wow! Gregory Levine hosted* and it was a very good show. Much much thanks to our performers:
David Segovia, whose voice and guitar were rich, soulful, gorgeous. Thanks for being so easy to work with.
Andrea Elizabeth Palesh** with her entrancing and clever Mata Hari act (and congrats on your Burlesque debut!) — and oh that seamstressing! 
Katie Boyle, very funny. (Is complimenting too American?)
Bill Chambers, whose monologue on fertility technology was somehow touching and disgusting simultaneously — and hilarious!
Adrian Sexton as The Ghost of Liz Taylor — with a monologue and audience Q&A in character — was Gothic, addled, bizarre, brilliant!
Rebirth of Rabbit’s Foot (led by Jordon Waters, and featuring cast members Kisai Angely Silfa-PerezDiana CooperLisa BathilyRebecca GualMally Reber, with Andrea Palesh) gave us a wild updating of vaudeville with hiphop, consciousness-raising and spectacle — terrific!

Thanks to Rat crew and staff: now-less-new Matt Mitchell in the tech booth, hitting his sophomore show in great stride! Thanks for the extra rehearsal time. The lovely and capable Tina Lund stepping in last-minute as Stage Manager and helping connect all the dots. Jenny [surname?] at the door, always a crucial task, well done; and of course Diana Van Decker Byrne in the Bar, delightful and helpful as always.

To my co-producer Rob Dub: Hurrah! NOW we can watch “Moon.”

Special thanks, as always, to Erez Ziv and the gang at Horse Trade Theater Group aka FRIGID New York, who manage Under St. Marks Theater, do Herculean work to keep unique artful entertainments and indie theater like the Rat alive in NYC. Go to their website, see a HT/Frigid show at Under St. Mark’s or the Kraine, and support the good stuff.

Last but never least: All of YOU who came out to watch a great live show. Thank you so much! See you at the next Rat, on the next Second Saturday: SAT. JUNE 9, 10:30PM!

* in lieu of vacationing perma-host Jillian Thomas. Greg generally perform a single set, in addition to co-producing.
** Andrea appears courtesy of Guilty Pleasures Cabaret, Inc.

Cheap Things to Do in NYC Tonight !

GraceGotham-Stumblebum-80NYC’s Dance Music Comedy Art Show: Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret is tonight at 10:30pm!

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Now in its 5th Year, Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret (READ REVIEW) features an inspired, curated monthly roster of thrilling music, smart comedy, amazing dance, clever storytelling, sexy burlesque, art and theatrical vaudeville spectacle. A great show in a legendary East Village venue: a NYC night out like no other!  (Featured Event in “What To Do in NYC Tonight”)

Saturday May 12, 10:30pm Show Features:

Character genius Adrian Sexton (half of the acclaimed “Drinks with George and Martha: Improvised ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?’”) brings you want you know you secretly desired and longed for: An evening of Q&A with the soused, swearing, violet-eyed ghost of Liz Taylor!  (See the writeup in

Dynamic, cool, funny, this show-ensemble led by Jordon Waters brings modern sensibilities to an ancient entertainment form: Rebirth of Rabbit’s Foot is about to explode with dance, patter, and energy.  (Rabbit’s Foot appears at Feinstein’s 54 Below, Joe’s Pub and won a 6-Month Residency at the PIT Theater!)

Audience favorite and Expat Katie Boyle (host and producer of “Transplants”) returns gives the Rat her unique take on coming from Ireland, surviving NYC, work and dating… and hopefully she’ll tell the hysterical story about her close relative who might have been an axe murderer!

The Fishnet Follies‘ lead dancer Andrea Elizabeth Palesh breaks precedent with a daring, surprising, saucy Historical-themed Burlesque number as WWI spy Mata Hari!*

Singer-guitarist David Segovia brings sweeping sounds, beauty, passion and a “Sacred Fever.” He “plays with the blood.” The Rat is thrilled to have him as our May Musical Guest!

The Rat’s not complete without the funny, clever, eccentric work of Bill Chambers. A horrifying parody of an Apple expo, the tale of Vincenzo the Chain-Smoking Monkey, re-animating a “dead” Teddy Ruxpin a la Mary Shelly — expect the unexpected. Bill is seen in the Frigid Festival, Canuck Cabaret, Rocco’s Witness Protection Revueand the annual East Village Antifolk Festival.

Gregory Levine, this month only! (Filling in for vacationing perma-host Jillian Thomas.)

produced by Rob Dub and Gregory Levine

~Beer, Wine, Japanese Sake and Hard Cider Sold in Theater~
(Age 17+ or accompanied by Guardian to Attend Show / 21+ with ID to Drink)

Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret
at Under St. Marks Theater
94 St. Marks Pl. (8th St.) bet. 1st Ave. and Ave. A

Saturday, May 12, 2018 – 10:30pm
$10 (Discounts if you qualify. Contact us.) TICKETS – At the Door, or Click to Reserve Online.

Special Thanks to Horse Trade Theater Group/Frigid NY
* Fishnet Follies appear courtesy of Guilty Pleasures Cabaret, Inc.

Rehearsal for May 12 Ten-Foot Rat!

Just a quick snapshot* from our tech and blocking rehearsal for this Saturday’s Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret.

Pictured: Andrea Elizabeth Palesh, dancer, choreographer and co-owner of Guilty Pleasures Cabaret, whose members perform a set every month as the Rat’s Dancers-in-Residence.

Check out the amazing lineup for Sat. May 12, 10:30pm! Dance, music, comedy, art in a classic East Village / NYC theater.

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* retro tech terminology is in vogue, we hear.

The Rat’s May 12th Performers: Adrian Sexton !

AdrianSexton-RosesMeet the Rat’s May 12th Performers: Adrian Sexton !

Half of the acclaimed show “Drinks with George and Martha: Improvised ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?'”, Sexton takes on characters from the glamorous and murky depths of Golden Age Hollywood and Old Broadway.  (See the write-up in BroadwayWorld.)

She is a founder of and performs weekly with The Community Players, a brilliant and hilarious satire of pretentious theater. TCP has been named a House Team at the PIT Theater.

Watch her inspired madness as The Ghost of Liz Taylor this Saturday, May 12, 10:30pm at the Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret!
At Under St. Mark’s Theater,
94 St Marks Pl (bet. 1st Ave and Ave. A)

Click to Reserve Tickets ($10)