Thurs May 31: The Rats Invade the PIT!

That’s right: Talent from Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret will be movin’ on up – from St. Marks Place to 24th Street and the PIT Theater, to appear in Rocco’s Witness Protection Revue!

Comedian Jillian Thomas* and dancer/performance-artist Andrea Palesh will join “Rocco” ** in a fun fast wild showcase of music, characters, musical theater and more!

Thursday, May 31, 10pm
The PIT (People’s Improv Theater)
123 E. 24th St. (bet. Park & Lex)
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GORGEOUS GUITAR and Singing by Hayden Stearns

HIPHOP VAUDEVILLE — amazing deep hybrid art with ensemble Rebirth of Rabbits Foot (led by Jordon Waters, and featuring cast members Austin BowenMally Reber and Fred Collier)

INSANE MUSICAL THEATER by the Professional Singers and Broadway Types of “Sally Tomato” * (Ringleader David Bell, with William Goulet KeanAnne SchroederTiffany Springle.  LIVE PIANO accompaniment by Dan Reitz.)

Just Gravy! —-> Starring Hannah CassiusBrian RosenblattTJ RegnoNick CohenPatrick McCartyGabby Brown

* The Rat’s regular host
** played by Gregory Levine, known to you as Gregor of Berlin

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