What a Show That Was! (Sat. May 12)


Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret: NYC’s Dance Music Comedy Art Show on Saturday night: Wow! Gregory Levine hosted* and it was a very good show. Much much thanks to our performers:
David Segovia, whose voice and guitar were rich, soulful, gorgeous. Thanks for being so easy to work with.
Andrea Elizabeth Palesh** with her entrancing and clever Mata Hari act (and congrats on your Burlesque debut!) — and oh that seamstressing! 
Katie Boyle, very funny. (Is complimenting too American?)
Bill Chambers, whose monologue on fertility technology was somehow touching and disgusting simultaneously — and hilarious!
Adrian Sexton as The Ghost of Liz Taylor — with a monologue and audience Q&A in character — was Gothic, addled, bizarre, brilliant!
Rebirth of Rabbit’s Foot (led by Jordon Waters, and featuring cast members Kisai Angely Silfa-PerezDiana CooperLisa BathilyRebecca GualMally Reber, with Andrea Palesh) gave us a wild updating of vaudeville with hiphop, consciousness-raising and spectacle — terrific!

Thanks to Rat crew and staff: now-less-new Matt Mitchell in the tech booth, hitting his sophomore show in great stride! Thanks for the extra rehearsal time. The lovely and capable Tina Lund stepping in last-minute as Stage Manager and helping connect all the dots. Jenny [surname?] at the door, always a crucial task, well done; and of course Diana Van Decker Byrne in the Bar, delightful and helpful as always.

To my co-producer Rob Dub: Hurrah! NOW we can watch “Moon.”

Special thanks, as always, to Erez Ziv and the gang at Horse Trade Theater Group aka FRIGID New York, who manage Under St. Marks Theater, do Herculean work to keep unique artful entertainments and indie theater like the Rat alive in NYC. Go to their website, see a HT/Frigid show at Under St. Mark’s or the Kraine, and support the good stuff.

Last but never least: All of YOU who came out to watch a great live show. Thank you so much! See you at the next Rat, on the next Second Saturday: SAT. JUNE 9, 10:30PM!

* in lieu of vacationing perma-host Jillian Thomas. Greg generally perform a single set, in addition to co-producing.
** Andrea appears courtesy of Guilty Pleasures Cabaret, Inc.

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